28 mars 2008

Fashion ad of the week: Fendi

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28 mars 2008

La minaudière

Minaudière Judith Leiber 4295$* En voyant cette photo, je reconnais qu' un sac n' a jamais été aussi appétissant ! Mais ce n' est tout de même pas une raison valable qui justifierait son prix hilarant ! Pour ceux qui ne le savent pas une minaudière est un  tout p' tit sac à main du soir , de forme rigide, qui a fait son apparution dans les années 30. Les dames, à cette époque s'en servaient pour y mettre le nécessaire pour retoucher leur maquillage. La minaudière est un véritable sac bijoux, le plus souvent ornée de... [Lire la suite]
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27 mars 2008


* With spring officially here, my fair lady, why don't you book yourself an appointment at the closest nail salon? Get a pedicure and represent for all fabulous girls in one of these wedge heels. Cheers! *The illustration is a courtesy of Garance Doré
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25 mars 2008

Bamboo hoops : a big comeback to the 80's

Best known to be the it accessory of the 80's, Bamboo hoops are again very popular and trendy. Those big earrings-usually gold and called door knockers earrings -originated from the African-American youth in the Bronx (New york). They became one of the symbols of old school hip hop style. But, nowdays, hip hop fashionistas are not the only ones wearing them, they are coveted by everybody: from the girl next door to celebrities like Hilary Duff, Fergie, JLo and Rihanna, to name a few. I bought a pair two weeks ago at Arden b., and... [Lire la suite]
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23 mars 2008

Happy Easter to all of you !

   Linda & Fafa.                                                                               
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21 mars 2008

Gerard who? Gerard Darel...by F.

         Once dubbed Europe's best kept secret, Gerard Darel is today, known around the world for its appealing designs. The bags are timeless, chic and covoted by celebrities as well as girls next door. Insanely popular in France, I can honestly say that most of my friends there own at least one Gerard Darel bag. My favorite thing about the brand? It is not as pricey as other designers bags. Let's be real: we have priorities and some of us can not afford ridiculously expensive accessories.  ... [Lire la suite]
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20 mars 2008

Fashion Ad of the week : Posh in a bag

This is a Marc Jacobs's ad featuring Victoria Beckham a.k.a Posh, but she is unrecognizable because it only shows her legs coming out of a big Marc Jacobs's shopping bag. I like this unusual pose and I think this ad is pretty creative and outside the box.Once again,Mr Jacobs displays his sense of originality.
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18 mars 2008

Trend watch: cork accessories

Cork accessories are everywhere; budget friendly or (crazy) expensive, it is up to you (of course!) to decide how much you will spend on a trend that might not be around in a couple of seasons. Either way, you will not go unnoticed in these.... Top row; left to right: Marc by Marc Jacobs $270; Chadwicks $39.99; Christian Louboutin $735Bottom row; left to right: avail. @ Neiman Marcus $41; ebags $178; Glorinha Paranagua price N/A
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18 mars 2008

Malababa jewelry

I was browsing through necklaces at shopbop when I discovered Malababa jewelry. The line which originated from Spain in 1997,caught my attention for its leather material and its special design. Even though these accessories look very simple, they would bring an unique detail to any outfitt.               *available at shopbop.com, From left to right 1. necklace @ 43$ 2. necklace @ 95$  3.ring @ 65$ 
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17 mars 2008

De blanc vêtu !

Ce post est dédié à toutes nos lectrices de Montréal. Salut les filles ! Le bal en blanc de Montréal arrive à grand pas, ce week - end si je ne me trompe. Vous devez être à la recherche de la tenue qui fera sensation. Au cas où vous l'aurez déjà trouvée, savoir comment l'accessoiriser est une autre paire de manche. Pour vous donnez un coup de pouce, The Perfect Touch a décidé de recenser quelques photos de célébrités vêtues de blanc, histoire de vous donner quelques idées d'accessoires pour agencer un outfit de couleur... [Lire la suite]
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