29 novembre 2007

Staying warm! by F.

Hey ladies!  The weather in Montreal is being capricious and vicious to say the least. If mother nature granted my wish by giving us a relatively long Indian summer, winter is back with a vengeance. We have had it all: snow, rain, hail..you name it. So either we stay at home with a cup of hot chocolate or we decide to brave the cold in our warmest accessories.....Ready! Set! Go!
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05 novembre 2007

Get hot with hats! by L.

As the chill of cold seasons sets in, it's time to cover up  with warm clothes and accessories. Hats are undoubtely the must-have item of the season. Not only do they perform as a fashion do but they are useful, practical accessories. Wearing a hat is a good way of looking effortlessly chic and highlight a personal style. From big  floppy berets to biker caps and wooly ski beannies, the choice is yours. Here is a round-up of some of my favorites ones.
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